How to Solve Your Swimsuit Problems

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You’re gearing up to hit the road for your next vacation. It’s time to go shopping for sunscreen, flip flops, and most importantly new swimwear.
Buying a swimsuit should be fun. After all, you’re about to take a fun trip that you’ve been anxiously waiting for. But it’s not always the case if you’re struggling to figure out what bathing suit will work for your vacation plans. You want to look amazing in your new bikini at all times. 
Solve your swimwear dilemmas. Find the best bikini for your shape and lifestyle today. 
5 Solutions to Swimwear Challenges
“I want my chest to look bigger.”
Not all of us were blessed in the chest department. But you can still achieve the look of large breasts, even if you’re an A cup. 
Push up bikini tops will give you the extra boost you’re after — and create the illusion of double Ds without surgery. Want to turn heads when you walk down the beach? Grab a style like the Anguilla Underwire Bikini Top, but be prepared for all eyes on you.
If you really want to take things up a notch, add a necklace to draw more attention to your chest. Or you could try your hand at boob contouring. (It’s a thing, really.) Just don’t try to go swimming.   
“I feel like my stomach is bloated.”
Maybe you made a goal to get a toned stomach by your next trip…but somewhere along the way life happens. We’ve all been there. 
You might even be in killer shape, but you’re prone to bloating. 
Whether it’s that time of the month or you’re indulging on vacation, you don’t want to feel self-conscious about your midsection when you’re supposed to be relaxing. Taking time off is the perfect time to treat yourself to a sweet margarita and poolside snacks. 
Solve your insecurities with high waist bikini bottoms. Think coverage, but still sexy. Retro meets modern, with a cheeky scrunch butt and side cut outs to keep it flattering. Plus, you nail an instant “pin-up girl” look. 
“I’m active and afraid my top will fall down.”
Are you into water sports, like surfing or paddle boarding? 
Or perhaps you’re a dedicated runner who wants to stay on top of their training, even at the beach. 
Maybe you’re not even an athlete. You just want to play beach volleyball with your friends without the fear of a potential nip slip at any moment. That’s where sport bikini tops come in. They bring you a peace of mind and are comfortable for all-day wear. 
Plus, the athleisure trend of sporty fashion isn’t going away anytime soon. If you decide you want to sex it up, the high neckline unzips in a low-cut v shape. Two looks in one.
“I need support for my chest.”
Triangle bikini tops not cutting it for you? Finding a bikini that provides more coverage without sacrificing style can be a challenge.  
If you’re after support but don’t necessarily need the extra lift a push-up style gives, a halter top is your answer.
Stand out from the crowd in a wrap bikini top — that doesn’t look like what everyone else is wearing. You can find solid colored tops or fun prints that express your personality, while still providing the necessary support. The wrap-around closure allows you to adjust the ties for a fit that’s customized to your body.
“I want to get a tan without weird lines.”
Want to achieve evenly bronzed skin with the awkwardness of ghost-white tan lines peeking out? 
Whether you’re lounging poolside or next to the ocean, relaxing in the sun is what vacations are for. You deserve to take a break. Slip into a bandeau top that was made for tanning moments. 
Or if you want a push-up style, our underwire bikini tops come with removable halter straps. You want to stay ready for an Instagram selfie at any moment, right? After all, making your friends envious of your vacation is half of the fun. 

Written by: Haley Greene