Please submit all wholesale inquires to: Wholesale@ForeverYoungSwimwear.com

In order to save time and expedite the process, please provide the following applicable information in your initial email:

Store Name

Store Address 


Contact Name

Phone Number

Details of Your Request

Once approved, we will provide our wholesale customers with your own personal wholesale discount code. That code will be used to shop online for 55% off retail prices. Our minimum wholesale order is 50 items. Customers may mix & match any style tops, bottoms, colors and sizes. Our turnaround to ship wholesale orders is approximately 5-7 days from the time payment is received. 

Shipping is additional. Shipping costs are charged after your order is purchased and we know how many Insured Priority Boxes will be needed to ship your goods. Shipping costs are $26.00 per Insured Large Priority Box. Your goods will not be shipped until shipping charges are paid in full.

We do offer net 60-day with established wholesale buyers. Typically we consider a wholesale buyer to be established once we process two orders successfully. After that, the 3rd order qualifyies for a free-60 day, interest free payment term. No credit runs are necessary to qualify. 

Get more orders with free 60-day payment terms! We cover net 60 terms so retailers can order your products now and pay 60 days later.

We will do our best to respond to all inquiries within 72 hours. Thank you!